We Equip Patients To Survive Cancer

Too many cancer patients struggle with living expenses like rent and utilities due to the crushing cost of care and treatment.
Your support will go directly to patients in need.
Your Donations at Work
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Battling Cancer is Only Half the Battle

It takes much more than medical care to survive.
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The cost of cancer care is overwhelming. Too often, patients even find themselves unable to pay to keep a roof over their head. We provide financial help for housing so patients can prioritize care and treatment.
Help Patients in Need
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The economic toll of cancer hits some patients even harder, leaving them short on funds to keep the lights on. We ease their financial burden by assisting with utility bills while they focus on healing.
Help Patients in Need
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Survivors refuse to accept that cancer means death. They focus on healing, not just on fighting the disease. Learn how choosing your emotional response and staying optimistic can help you get well.
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If ever a reason to start eating better, cancer is it. From grocery lists to meal plans to what to clean out of the kitchen, we offer information that can help you eat with awareness – and turn nutrition into medicine.

How We Tackle These Issues

We help with living expenses – so patients can fight to live.

We Set Patients Up For Success

Medicine is critical to effective cancer care, but it is only part of the equation.
Cancer Recovery Foundation Holistic Care Pyramid

Surviving Cancer
Requires a Holistic Approach

Cancer Recovery Foundation is rooted in the belief that surviving cancer requires caring for the whole person. The Cancer Recovery Wellness Pyramid illustrates this philosophy.

In addition to medical care, the pyramid emphasizes the importance of nutrition, attitude, exercise, support and spirituality to cancer care and recovery.

We offer resources to cancer patients in each of these areas, empowering them to address their disease with a holistic approach.

A Progressive Vision

Every day, we hear from patients who are struggling to pay basic household bills because of the burden of cancer. Far more people ask for help than we have help to give. 

This needs to change.

We are committed to reinventing ourselves to ensure that more people get the assistance they need. 

While we continue to rely on donations from individuals to provide direct support to patients, we are doing so in more efficient, technology-driven ways.

Additionally, we are developing partnerships with socially responsible businesses to meet patient needs.

Learn how you can help.

Surviving Cancer Takes a Village

Cancer Recovery Foundation counts on generous individuals to support its programs to help patients survive cancer. However, individual donations are insufficient to meet people’s need for support. To close this gap, we are forging partnerships with businesses that wish to fulfill a social mission.
Learn ABout Partnership Opportunities

Cancer Recovery Foundation

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