From Personal Journey To Global Mission

In 1984, Greg Anderson was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. His doctor told him he only had about 30 days to live.

Determined to conquer his disease, Greg set out to connect with other patients to discover how they were approaching their fight with cancer. His personal journey led to a global mission: To help people, everywhere, survive cancer through community, education, spirituality and financial assistance.

Greg is the founding CEO of Cancer Recovery Foundation and author of more than dozen educational and inspirational books on cancer survival. Greg survived cancer. Cancer Recovery Foundation’s goal is to help other people survive cancer, too.
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Cancer Recovery Foundation’s founder Greg Anderson was terminally diagnosed with cancer in 1984. Greg survived – and has since devoted his life to helping others survive cancer too.

Providing Hope and Compassion

At Cancer Recovery Foundation, our mission to help people survive cancer is personal. Our founder is a cancer survivor. Our program director is a cancer survivor (three times). We empathize. We sympathize. We listen. We offer hope. Meet our team.

Gregory Anderson

President & CEO

Arthur Granito, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Kathryn Washington

Financial Manager

Frances “Franky” Dailey

Program Service Manager

We Equip Patients to Survive Cancer

Our Mission

The mission of Cancer Recovery Foundation is to equip individuals and families to survive cancer through community, education, spirituality and financial assistance.

The Future

More than 1.7 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer annually. Who among them will need our help? Will we have the means to provide it? This is the data, and the questions, that drive us.

Looking ahead, we are evolving to help more people get the help they need. We are identifying efficiencies. We are adopting technology. We are leaving no stone unturned.

Support Patients in Need Today

Your support will directly help patients in need focus on healing.

Emotional. Inspirational. Enlightening.

How will your support make a difference? The stories of patients we have helped says it all.
Giving Hope through the Women's Cancer Fund
September 30, 2019
The looks on my kids’ faces when I got the eviction notice…

“It was interesting seeing the different reactions of my kids when I was handed the eviction notice.…

A Letter of Hope
September 4, 2019
What were my first words after the surgeon said, “I’d give you about 30 days to live”?

It was September of 1984 when I was first diagnosed with lung cancer. After removing my left lung and going through radiation therapy, I thought I was out of the woods.…

The Re-imagine Campaign
December 12, 2018

For nearly thirty years, Cancer Recovery Foundation International has been an award-winning pioneer in integrated cancer care. Today, our recovery model is used globally.…


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