December 2, 2019

Celebrate Giving

The Power of Giving

Here’s the scene: We’re in the middle of a men’s cancer support group meeting. We have old men and young men and many in between. It’s a vibrant group and this evening’s session is no exception. I ask the question, “What’s the greatest gift you have ever been given?”

One gentleman said, “A clean bill of health.” Another shared, “Finishing chemotherapy.” An older gentleman said, “Faith in God.” A young man in his early twenties who had recently completed treatment for testicular cancer answered, “A new car!” We all laughed but his father who was in attendance became emotional. “The greatest gift,” he shared, “is God’s gift of life. For a while, I thought my son would lose his life. My gift of that car is a celebration of the gift of life.” The entire group broke into spontaneous applause.

Learn to be a Giver

Friend, if you and I want to experience new levels of joy, if we seek true blessings in our life, then we have to get our minds off ourselves. We must learn to be a giver. We need to stop figuring out what everyone else can do for us and start figuring out what we can do for somebody else. We were not made to be self-centered people. No, we were made to be givers. And truth is, we will never be truly fulfilled as a human being until we learn the simple secret of how to live in order to give. Giving to others is at the heart of celebrating our own gift of life.

I recently met a man who was deeply depressed. His business had failed, his marriage had failed and his cancer treatment had failed. I tried to cheer him up and encourage him. After praying for him, I added,

“You’ve got to get your mind off your problems. If you want to be restored, please change your mental focus. Go out and help somebody else in need.”

The man promised he would take my advice.

Holiday Giving

This holiday season, you and I can do likewise. We can help make a difference in somebody’s life. We can ease somebody’s burden. We can cheer somebody up and give them a gift of fresh new hope. Please join me in giving a generous gift to Women’s Cancer Fund this holiday season.  A gift of:

  • $100 helps pay for a woman’s past-due water bill
  • $250 helps pay for a family’s past-due electric bill
  • $500 helps pay for a month’s past-due rent
  • $1,000 helps pay for all the above and more

The Bible tells us that God loves a cheerful giver. It also teaches us it is more blessed to give than receive. Today, join me in focusing on being a blessing. Join me in cheerfully making a generous year-end gift to Women’s Cancer Fund.

With hope,

Greg Anderson, Founder & CEO

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