Last month Women’s Cancer Fund surveyed our Patient Navigators, the people at hospitals and treatment centers who assist patients with the non-medical issues of cancer. We wanted to know exactly what we could do to improve.
The #1 need is housing assistance. Problems include inability to pay rent, eviction notices, utility disconnections, and moving in with others due to inability to pay.
This is exactly where Women’s Cancer Fund serves, meeting the most basic needs of patients in financial need. But the need is so great. We must do more.
The precarious lives of so many American cancer patients who are also tenants threatens their very survival. Money alone won’t fix the problem. Punitive laws won’t fix the problem.
What we need is a system that treats a late rent payment or an impending eviction not as an infraction, but as a cry for help. Throwing cancer patients in need out on the street is no way to solve the housing-assistance problem.
Please respond to the cries for help today. You are not giving to Women’s Cancer Fund. You are giving through Women’s Cancer Fund.
You are meeting very real human needs, providing a chance for survival. Thank you.