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December 12, 2018
The Re-imagine Campaign

For nearly thirty years, Cancer Recovery Foundation International has been an award-winning pioneer in integrated cancer care. Today, our recovery model is used globally.


We are on a quest to help even more people prevent and survive cancer. To do so, our methods of program service delivery, fundraising, and administration demand an in-depth re-think in order to better meet the ever-changing needs of cancer patients and their families.

We are literally “re-imagining” the organization.

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March 1, 2018
Your Cancer Diagnosis: To Tell…or Not to Tell?

It’s really hard to tell when it is the right time to inform your family, friends, and loved ones about your cancer diagnosis. This was especially difficult for a member of our team. Franky, who served as our intern last year and is now one of our staffers, weighed in on this subject for our March blog to share her experience and provide some advice:

"As a three-time cancer survivor of breast, cervical, and uterus cancer, it was hard for me to tell anyone, other than my husband, of my diagnosis.

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January 31, 2018
Time To Get That Heart Pumping!

No doubt, when you start seeing those cute cut-out hearts, candy and chocolate in just about every store, you know that Valentines’ Day is approaching!

But there’s also another event that occurs in February and it’s a pretty big one: American Heart Month. It’s a great time to focus on your heart health and make choices to keep it healthy. One way to do that is through exercise, which can keep you – and your heart – in top form!

Exercise is important for everyone, including cancer patients and survivors.

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