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June 2, 2020
A Turning Point

The Cancer Recovery Group joins with millions of people of good will in expressing grief over the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  We also affirm his needless death must become a turning point in addressing the deeper issues impacting the lives of African Americans.

We affirm racism must stop and that radical and permanent change must lead to equality for all.  To that end we commit ourselves.

Greg Anderson, Founder


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March 17, 2020
CRFI COVID-19 Statement


All of us who are cancer patients are among those at high risk of developing life-threatening illness from the coronavirus. This is because our immune systems are often weakened by cancer and cancer treatments.

Even patients who completed treatment years ago stand at greater risk. It is of paramount importance that all cancer patients and survivors, whether currently being treated or not, take maximum precautions to lower and prevent their risk of getting COVID-19.

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December 2, 2019
Celebrate Giving

The Power of Giving

Here’s the scene: We’re in the middle of a men’s cancer support group meeting. We have old men and young men and many in between. It’s a vibrant group and this evening’s session is no exception. I ask the question, “What’s the greatest gift you have ever been given?”

One gentleman said, “A clean bill of health.” Another shared, “Finishing chemotherapy.” An older gentleman said, “Faith in God.” A young man in his early twenties who had recently completed treatment for testicular cancer answered, “A new car!”

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