January 18, 2018

Healing is a very personal journey

Healing is a very personal journey, unique for each of us. At our deepest intuitive levels, most of us know many of the important things we need to do to get well and stay well. However, millions of us have forgotten how to listen to and trust our intuitive inner wisdom. Connecting with your own sense of what it means to be spiritual is an essential ingredient in defining your path to wellness.

Understand that cancer is a call to listen to yourself—your Inner Healer, your deeper wisdom. Caught up in life’s busyness, we often forget how to relax the mind and quiet the spirit. But it is only when we can be at peace and surrender to our deeper wisdom that we can receive the inner guidance so essential to healing.

Begin today to quiet your mind long enough to discover your own healing pathway. What you will find is both surprising and exciting. Research in psychospiritual reality confirms what healers and spiritual teachers have known for centuries—at the level of self, we are far more aware and knowledgeable than at the level of our conscious mind.

Prayer is one method of rediscovering our self. For some people, this spiritual journey may be expressed through a religious framework. For others, spirituality is expressed through a connection with nature or a similar quest. The common thread is to connect with our deepest authentic self. And for the skeptics, we now even have early research to show that this quest can activate the immune system, promote healing, and increase the possibilities for recovery.

In our work, Cancer Recovery Foundation International has documented the spiritual journey to healing can be reliably and predictably initiated with three practices—forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional love.

Forgiveness is our letting go of hurts and grievances. To be clear, it is our offering of forgiveness to others, not our receipt of forgiveness from others, which makes the difference. Most of us know at a deep level the thoughts of recrimination and remorse to which we cling. In order to be able to reclaim health and receive the gift of healing, release, let go and forgive.

Gratitude is a state of living and being that is consciously aware of and appreciative of the countless blessings and kindnesses we receive each and every moment. So very often on the cancer journey, our sense of gratitude can be clouded, momentarily obscured by helplessness, doubt, and despair. But when we observe and affirm the good things in life, we see them set aside these negative thoughts.

Unconditional loving - Cancer Recovery Foundation International prefers the word "loving" rather than the word "love," as it better communicates the action required to make love real—is the essential practice of spiritual connection. Unconditional loving is another and higher state of self. It comprises a giving, a creative flow, and a harmony. It’s the acceptance of the human condition as perfectly imperfect. And it is a choice to love without any conditions; no “ifs” are allowed.

Forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional loving. They are the gateway to yourself, to spiritual connection and inner guidance—one of the most powerful sources of health and healing.


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