Too often, patients assume a passive role in their medical care. Successful medical outcomes often hinge on a patient taking charge.

Be Your Own Advocate

Doctors, nurses and treatment therapies obviously play a critical role in a patient’s recovery journey. However, successful medical outcomes often hinge on this: Patients taking charge.

Too often, patients assume a passive role in their medical care. They consent to courses of treatment without clearly understanding their diagnosis and the options proposed.

We help patients learn to become their own advocates – to be healthcare consumers who ask questions, get second opinions and fully understand their options before committing to a treatment program.

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  • Integrated Cancer Care

    January 18, 2018

    If you follow Cancer Recovery Foundation International’s guidelines, you will soon hear the term “integrated cancer care.”  When the term “integrated” is used, we mean patient-centered cancer care that extends well beyond the orthodox treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The fundamental focus of integrated cancer care is about displacing illness by creating wellness—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Orthodox medicine often has a place – an important short-term role –  in the cancer recovery process.

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