Jane Marczewski, aka Nightbirde, earned a standing ovation and a Golden Buzzer  when she auditioned on America’s Got Talent. A video of her stunning performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZJvBfoHDk0&t=1s boasts more than 30-million views on You Tube. Even if you have seen the video, take a moment to view it again.

Now Jane has told her 700,000+ Instagram followers, “Since my audition, my health has taken a turn for the worse and my fight with cancer is demanding all my energy and attention. I am so sad to announce I will not be able to continue forward on this season of AGT.”

Jane Marczewski said in a recent interview that during a dark period of time after a terminal cancer diagnosis and her husband’s decision to leave her, she heard birds singing outside her bedroom window at night. While the first two times were dreams, the
third time ended up being real. “The birds were singing as if it was morning but there was really no sign of the light yet,”
she said. “And I wanted to embody that. Being somebody that could sing through a dark time because I was so full of hope and assurance that there would be a morning.”

And she did.

What won the hearts of people everywhere was her upbeat personality and smile, even while facing overwhelming odds of survival. As she told the AGT judges, she had “some cancer” in her lungs, spine, and liver and was given a 2 percent chance of survival.
When Howie Mandell, one of the judges, told her that “nobody would ever know” she was dealing with cancer, Nightbirde replied, “Thank you. It’s important that everyone knows that I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me.”
Nightbirde says that though she doesn’t fully understand all that has happened to her, she does know that, when it comes to pain, God isn’t often in the business of taking it away. Instead, he adds to it.

“He is more of a giver than a taker. He doesn’t take away my darkness, he adds light. He doesn’t spare me of thirst, he brings water. He doesn’t cure my loneliness, he comes near.”

And God gives songs in the darkness. Believe it, when it is the darkest, God’s light shines brightest. And his message of hope is most needed.

How is God speaking in your darkness?

Are you listening?

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