February 17, 2015

History's Greatest Prayer brings hope to cancer patients in China

February 16, 2015
The Woodlands, TX

Cancer Recovery Foundation Establishes Partnership with Revival Chinese Ministries.
The book Cancer & The Lord’s Prayer now translated in Mandarin.

Millions of Christians can relay first-hand accounts of God working in mysterious ways. God is at it again.

This time it started in the crowded waiting room of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. A patient prayerfully asked, “Lord, what can I do to help all these other people going through this frightening disease?”


He shared his prayer with Greg Anderson, author of Cancer and the Lord’s Prayer. The two men agreed they would give away copies to patients as God directed them.

Their quiet outreach soon led to a group of Chinese cancer patients, many of whom flew half-way around the world to receive treatment in Houston. Their support group grew. But the book was written in English and many could not read or understand the message. Soon there were demands for translation of the book into Mandarin so that more and more people could become immersed in the study of history’s greatest prayer.

A bible study group at The Woodlands United Methodist Church learned of the need and joined Anderson in a project called Outreach China. The first goal was to translate Cancer and the Lord’s Prayer into Chinese and publish the first 500 copies. Those books were distributed free of charge to Chinese patients in America and their families.

Outreach China has now embraced a larger vision and is partnering with long-time missionaries to China Pastor Dennis and Kathy Balcombe and their organization, Revival Chinese Ministries International. The goal is to put the book free-of-charge into the hands of as many Chinese cancer patients and family members as possible.

Anderson noted, “Cancer is a frightening life-threatening experience. Patients are often emotionally fragile. If ever there was a time to draw close to God, cancer is that time. I pray the translation of this book serves to bring millions of people to know Christ.”

To help defray the costs and support the Balcombe’s in their outreach, Cancer Recovery Foundation has established a GoFundMe campaign http://www.gofundme.com/lordsprayer. All gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed by IRS regulations.


From the age of 16, Dennis Balcombe knew that he would be a missionary to China, even though it was then a communist nation and closed to the West. In 1969, he moved from his home state of California to Hong Kong and there established his base of operations. When mainland China reopened its doors to the West in the 1970s, the Balcombe’s were one of the first missionaries to enter the country. Information on the Balcombe’s Revival Chinese Ministries International is available at: www.rcmi.ac

In 1984, Greg Anderson was diagnosed with lung cancer. His surgeon gave him just thirty days to live. Today he not only survives, he thrives. Greg is the founder and chairman of the Cancer Recovery Foundation International Group of charities. He is the author of fourteen books including the inspirational classic, The Cancer Conqueror. Anderson receives no author royalties from this outreach. More information at: www.cancerrecovery.org.

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For further information or to schedule a Skype interview with Dennis Balcombe or Greg Anderson contact Garret Piper at gpiper@cancerrecovery.org or in the U.S. call 1-800-238-6479, x-105.


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