1. The Women’s Cancer Fund is now a monthly distribution program.
  2. Open submission periods for monthly applications extend from the 1st to the 15th of each month. See item 11 (below) for information on late submissions.
  3. The program does NOT approve applications on a first-come, first served basis. All requests will be reviewed individually and considered for funding after each monthly deadline.
  4. Only requests submitted online (through your social worker or hospital/medical personnel) or by fax or email (with all sections of the application completed and necessary documentation included) will be considered for funding.
  5. All patients must be currently receiving active cancer treatment to qualify for consideration.
  6. A maximum of $250 may be approved per family, per year.
  7. All sections of the application must be completed. Failure to complete the entire application will result in ineligibility of funding.
  8. Only utility and rental fee bills will be considered. A utility request is defined as a heating, electrical or water bill. Cell phones, Cable payments, mortgage payments, car payments, insurance or tax bills, medical payments and transportation costs are NOT eligible for funding. Copies of all bills or the rental agreement being requested must be submitted with application. The rental agreement MUST have the LANDLORD’s NAME and MAILING ADDRESSand/or the UTILITY BILL MUST HAVE ALL COMPONENTS of ACCOUNT NUMBER and RETURN MAILING ADDRESSfor the specified company. IF any of these are missing, the application will not be considered for funding.
  9. A brief narrative describing the patient’s situation and the family’s need must be included and written by the social worker or hospital personnel. Be sure to include any additional, compelling and relevant information as this narrative plays a vital role in the application selection process. The narrative must be on Hospital/Cancer Treatment Facility/Doctor’s Office letterhead and uploaded to the online application.
  10. Applications received after the quarterly deadline will not be considered for funding in that current funding period. Applicants may, however, reapply the following month by submitting new and/or updated utility bills.
  11. If the application is approved, check(s) will be made payable to each utility company and mailed directly to the family.
  12. Social workers or hospital personnel will receive notification (approved or declined applications) via email. Patients will NOT be contacted by CRFI regarding application status.
  13. If the check is not cashed within 60 days of printing date, Cancer Recovery Foundation has the right to cancel the check.
  14. Applications may be faxed or emailed:
    Fax: 717.545.7602
    Email: fdailey@cancerrecovery.org
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