Results of a recent survey demonstrated a surprising number of cancer patients consider themselves to be “food insecure.”
Applicants for financial assistance to Women’s Cancer Fund (WCF) were asked to respond to three queries:
Worried about running out of food:
Often=32%; Sometimes=41%; Never=27%
Did not have money to buy more food:
Often: 18%; Sometimes=48%; Never=34%
Had to decide pay for food or treatment:
Often=10%; Sometimes=22%; Never=68%
At the end of three months, the results were compiled. The surveys revealed fully 20% of WCF applicants consider themselves to be food insecure “often” and another 37% consider themselves to be food insecure “sometimes.”
Frances Daily, Program Manager, commented, “We were surprised to discover that over half of the WCF applicants sometimes or often said lack of food was an issue in cancer recovery.
“As a result, WCF will immediately add a grocery gift card effort in addition to the existing rent and utility assistance,” said Daily. “We will send a $50.00 grocery card to applicants who state they often worry about running out of food. We simply will not accept the idea of a cancer patient going hungry.”
Applications for assistance are available at