September 30, 2019

Giving Hope through the Women's Cancer Fund

The looks on my kids’ faces when I got the eviction notice…

“It was interesting seeing the different reactions of my kids when I was handed the eviction notice. My 13-year-old daughter walked out of the room and didn’t say a word. My 8-year-old daughter asked, ‘What’s an eviction notice?’ My 2 1/2-year-old son stuttered trying to say, ‘M-mo-more Cheerios.’”

That’s Ruth Ann, single mother of three and a breast cancer patient. It’s a chilly Michigan Sunday in March. In the middle of breakfast, as she was getting her children ready for church, she heard an unexpected knock on her apartment door. It was her landlord. “I’ve been trying to reach you but you never answer the phone,” he said. Then he handed Ruth Ann an eviction notice. “You have one week to move.” He left.

It wasn’t as if this was a total surprise to Ruth Ann. As she struggled with a metastasis of her breast cancer, she had to quit her job. Her unemployment compensation was minimal. Her ex-husband could never be counted on for child support. Thankfully she had health insurance but the co-pays for chemotherapy meant Ruth Ann began to fall behind on rent.  After three months, she started paying only a portion of her monthly rent.

“How do you choose?” she asked in her application to Women’s Cancer Fund. “Medicine, food, clothes for the kids, electric bills, gas for the car or rent?”

Ruth Ann’s experience is far too common. Cancer always means financial hardship. But for those with limited income, cancer can be literally devastating. It may even mean finding yourself homeless, living out of a car, or worse, living on the streets.

Every month, Women’s Cancer Fund receives hundreds of emergency aid requests. They come from every state and for every conceivable need. Rent and utility services are the most common. It’s first come, first served. But sadly, every month in 2019 we have been over-subscribed. We have been forced to cut off applications because we have run out of funds.

We are with you! We are for you!

Now, during October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am asking the Cancer Recovery family to proclaim loud and clear, “We are with you and we are for you!” I am asking you to give generously to Women’s Cancer Fund. When you do, you will literally change a life.

In scripture, we are commanded to be “. . . our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper.” Please join me in honoring that command.

With hope,

Greg Anderson, Founder & CEO

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